How “Cherry-picking” is keeping you from reaching your goals!


How “Cherry-picking” is keeping you from reaching your goals!

What makes some CFP athletes progress faster than others in their training? Let’s get honest about some bad habits that could be slowing down your progress at the box and talk about how to become one of those athletes kicking butt and seeing results. Ask yourself the following questions, and be very honest about the answers.

What is “cherry-picking”?

Examples of cherry-picking:

“That looks hard, I’m not going.”
“Running today. I don’t like running, I’m not going.”
“It’s just a lifting day, I don’t need that, I’m not going.”
“Ugh the WOD is longer than 10 minutes?  No way I want to sweat for that long, not going.”

“Burpees! Time to sleep in, I’ll go tomorrow. If it isn’t running of course”

Are you “cherry-picking” WODs?

What if you see a workout with a mile of running, maybe burpees or perhaps some heavy deadlifts. Do you decide you’re due for a rest day?  On the other hand, do you plan to take a much needed rest day and see a workout that looks too fun to pass up so you show up anyway? If you answered yes, you may be a cherry-picker! For some, the solution is as simple as not looking at the WOD ahead of time. For those of you who can’t control your curiosity (or anxiety!), making a commitment to do the WOD no matter what is posted is essential to making consistent progress and reaching goals that you are tracking. Similarly, making a commitment to rest when needed no matter what is posted is just as important. Programming designated rest days is key to reducing and avoiding injuries. Some WODs can be can be both mentally and physically challenging. Remind yourself how awesome you are for showing up for something you may not enjoy because you see the bigger picture–that your fitness will benefit from being “constantly varied,” and variety includes things you’re good at as well as things you’re not so good at yet. Work those lesser strengths (the “goats”) until they become your strengths. Keep training and practicing them until you look forward to seeing them in a WOD! As always, keep in mind that the mental toughness you build through physical challenges carries over into every aspect of your life. That is a guarantee!! 


Article written by:

Justin Wade Bowers