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Drop-ins are for experienced CrossFitters only. If you are not a member at a CrossFit gym you can check out our Fundamentals program, or join us for Free Class Saturday. Free Class Saturday is an opportunity for non-CrossFitters to come in and try out a class. For more information shoot us an email at [email protected]


Our coaches want to meet with you to learn about your fitness goals, history, motivations, obstacles and other lifestyle habits that will help us understand where you are at today and what changes we can help you implement to reach your goals. We’ll help tailor a program specifically for you to best meet your needs. Schedule your free consultation today at [email protected]


Fundamentals is 30 days including 6 introductory sessions that will expose you to some of the movements we do, explain the why behind our program, and demystify nutrition. These sessions will teach you all you need to know about doing CrossFit at PneumaNation. Anyone who is new to CrossFit has to take Fundamentals. We strive to move with virtuosity. That means doing the common uncommonly well. The best place to learn new skills and hone your abilities is in a one-on-one setting.

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