Ankle Sprains – True or false?


Ankle Sprains – True or false?

Posted February 20th – Dr. Bob Gorinski, Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy

Ankle sprains – true or false?

Exercising on unstable/squishy surfaces is a good way for a healthy athlete to prevent injury, jump higher, and run faster? 


Here’s a discussion on what you can do to prevent ankle sprains. Skip to the end to see the irony of spraining an ankle while talking about how not to sprain ankles ; )

Here are some exercise considerations for prevention of ankle sprains. Important points:
1. Footwear and bracing are important considerations (but not covered here in depth).
2. Those who have a history of sprained ankles and certain foot type are predisposed to ankle sprains. 
3. Your foot/ankle issue are not related to only the foot. Consider the entire kinetic chain.
4. Ankle sprain while doing a video on ankle sprains ; )Watch out for the committed demonstration of how NOT to land.

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