Lutricia E


Lutricia E

LutriciaWorkouts at CFP are amazing! Justin does a fabulous job mixing up the workouts, helping you push to the next level when you don’t think you can, and helping you achieve new personal bests on a regular basis. The team of people who work out together are hugely supportive and encouraging! This is a great gym to be a part of!

I came to CFP never having been a part of a class workout environment before. I started on a part time basis (2-3 days/week) and thought I was getting a pretty decent workout. I found myself pretty stoked about the new things I was doing and achieving. THEN I found the motivation to begin attending full time (5 days/week) and am now totally hooked on the mental endorphins that come from working out. I’ve even shockingly found myself doing a quick WOD (on my own) mornings I can’t get to the gym, just to help myself wake up!

I’ve also always wanted to be a runner but found I could never push through “the suck” to feel good about my attempts. WOD’s at CFP have taught me endurance, better breathing, and not only how to get through a run (mentally), but the ability to run faster!

Signed “Number One CFP Fan!” aka Lutricia