Kimberly A


Kimberly A

  • As someone who has played all kinds of team sports through my life and being a state ranked discus thrower in high school I have always loved a challenge. I really was searching for something different to give me core and low back strength. I have tried other gym’s but I found the BOX was what I was looking for a challenge, fun, and team!

    I look forward to what the daily WOD will be and try to do the best I can even if it means I am last to finish. I still remember the first time I ran an 800 meter it took me a little less than eight minutes. It killed me to finish, but I did! I do it now my time has much improved over the past year with all the training.

    I compete against myself but I know my teammates are right there cheering me on. Plus the coaching staff at CFP is awesome all the way around with emphasis on proper technique and doing it right to avoid injury. Crossfit isn’t for everyone but it is for me! It gives me energy and strength that I can use in my daily life.

    Thank you to all at Crossfit Pneuma 3-2-1 Go…