It’s human nature to want to see quick results. We’ve been lead to believe by every celebrity spokes person and TV fad diet evangelist, that making drastic dietary changes is the answer to losing the 60lbs we’ve put on in the last 6 years.

Its common to see meal plan dieting challenges at your local Crossfit box, globo gym or fitness studio with good intentions, but pushing clients toward a 6-week radical diet challenge is not the approach for long-term health success.

More often than not, when the challenge is over and in some cases before, we fall back into our old habits, and become discouraged. What is the inevitable result? We learn very little in the process—except that another diet didn’t work.

We offer this small piece of advice and best alternative to a lifetime of crash-dieting and food neurosis. Build a foundation, one simple brick at a time until that ONE behavior becomes a lifestyle habit through daily discipline. Discipline is making a daily decision and a routine committed effort. Behaviors become discipline. Discipline becomes lifestyle habit. Lifestyle habit becomes our solution to past failures and quick fixes!

The objective is to build healthy habits, one decision, one behavior at a time with the goal becoming long-term health, fitness and vitality.

Build, don’t crash!