Sharon F.


Sharon F.

1. Age? 64

2. When did you start CrossFit? January 2011. We were actually doing Boot Camp at that time. Then transitioned to CrossFit.

3. What original goals did you have? My original goal was simply to regain my stamina. I was always feeling tired and had such low energy. And I had weighed more at that time than I ever had so I needed to loose weight.

4. Have your goals changed since you started and if so, what goals are you striving for? My goals have changed over the years. I feel stronger than I probably ever have in my whole life. So I want to stay strong. It makes me feel good both mentally and physically. I really don’t worry about how much I weigh anymore. And who would have ever thought that at age 64 my goal is to hit a 200 lb deadlift. It’s something I would have never imagined for myself. And finally, stay off of prescription medications.

5. Do you have to be fit to start CrossFit? You do not have to be fit to start CrossFit. I was a good example of that. There are scalable options to everything we do at CrossFit. And even after 6 1/2 years there are still things I need to scale. But I also know I’ve come a long way since the beginning.

6. What best advice would you give someone thinking about trying CrossFit? My best advice is don’t just think about it, just do it. You won’t be sorry. I’ve become a part of a great community here at CrossFit Pneuma and have become friends with some amazing supportive people. And have to mention too….have the best coaches! I believe too that we need to do things that challenge us both mentally and physically and CrossFit does both. And as you always say Justin. Mental toughness! I haven’t necessarily over come some of my fears but I’ve definitely faced them!