220214 – Saturday Snatch Clinic


220214 – Saturday Snatch Clinic


Movement Prep:
Arm circles – to the front
Arm Circles – to the rear
Squat holds – pressing knees out/chest up
Trunk rotations
Toe touches
Cossack squat

Active warm-up: 
Toy Soldiers
Bear Crawl
Butt kicks
Crab walk
Broad jump+2 squats
High Knee jogs
Spiderman lunge

Burgener Warm-up:
Drill: Down and finish – Skill: speed through the middle

Drill: Elbows high and outside – Skill: keep the bar close

Drill: Muscle snatch – Skill: quick turnover

Drill: Snatch lands – Skill: footwork

Drill: Snatch drop – Skill: footwork, speed, strength in the bottom

Workout of the Day
A. Top Down Snatch
High hang snatch – Hip
“Take off” – 1′ above knee
Snatch – From floor

B. Segment Snatch
Snatch – from floor
“Take off” – 1′ above knee
High Hang snatch – Hip

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.