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How “Cherry-picking” is keeping you from reaching your goals!

What makes some CFP athletes progress faster than others in their training? Let’s get honest about some bad habits that could be slowing down your progress at the box and talk about how to become one of those athletes kicking butt and seeing results. Ask yourself the...

5 Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Running

Are you a competitive runner? Do you run for fun? Do you hate running because you suck at it? Then this is a MUST read article for all of you!   Direct Article Link:   http://daily.barbellshrugged.com/5-mistakes-killing-running/   About the Author: Nate Helming, based...

Damper Setting 101

Damper Setting is… The damper is the lever on the side of the flywheel housing, or fan cage, that controls how much air flows into the cage. The fan cages on our later indoor rowers (Models C, D, and E), are numbered so you can set the damper lever to a particular value fr...

“Murph Challenge” Memorial Day, Monday 26th

THE MURPH CHALLENGE OVERVIEW Created in honor of LT Michael P Murphy (SEAL), recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, we remember a brother who gave his life for his fellow teammates during Operation Red Wings on June 28, 2005 in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan. The Murph...

How do YOU stack up? Olympic Weightlifting Levels Chart

I have always been a long-time follower of Gregg Everett’s Catalyst Athletics. Here is a very cool link that Gregg posted on his main site over at catalystathletics.com http://www.catalystathletics.com/articles/article.php?articleID=1836

220214 – Saturday Snatch Clinic

  Movement Prep: Arm circles – to the front Arm Circles – to the rear Squat holds – pressing knees out/chest up Trunk rotations Toe touches Cossack squat Active warm-up:  Toy Soldiers Bear Crawl Butt kicks Crab walk Inchworm+cobra+push-up Carioca Broad jump+2 squats High...

Ankle Sprains – True or false?

Posted February 20th – Dr. Bob Gorinski, Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy Ankle sprains – true or false? Exercising on unstable/squishy surfaces is a good way for a healthy athlete to prevent injury, jump higher, and run faster?  False! Here’s a discussion...

Mobility is Your Goat, Become a Supple Leopard!

“Of course a leopard doesn’t stretch.  A leopard has full physical capacity available at all times.  It can attack and defend with full power at any moment.  Unlike humans, it doesn’t need to prep for movement.  It doesn’t need to activate its glutes; it doesn’t have to...

Support Family of Local CrossFit Affiliate

In honor of Big Mike Jenkins, Rogue Fitness will donate proceeds raised from the sales of Mike’s official Rogue Fitness athlete t-shirt to his wife Keri Sue Jenkins. This is outstanding to me, I salute the ownership of Rogue for their efforts to support the Jenkins family...

Ask The Doc: Why We Develop Bad Knees

Pain and injury can be a natural part of training and it all probably starts with poor movement patterns. Today, professional Mike Caisse of MovementRX breaks down both how and why our movement changes. “Statistics suggest that most of us have poor movement patterns. As humans...